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Haldi Vita Daily Health Boost

Haldi Vita Daily Health Boost

Haldivita Health Mix is made with a special turmeric called Suvarna which is grown in the hilly regions of Himalayas. Our proprietary formula makes Suvarna Turmeric bioavailable in your body, that means it will get well absorbed.

Haldivita is made with 100% Organic ingredients, is Gluten free and Vegetarian. It does not contain any added chemical and preservatives.

Some of the benefits of Haldivita are:

  • Boosts Immunity to fight viruses and bacteria
  • Strengthens Joints and help reduces joint pains
  • Energizes the body to lead an active lifestyle
  • Helps controls Diabetes
  • Helps prevent Heart Diseases
  • Helps prevents Colon Cancer

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